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Available now in Hardcover, Softcover and for Kindle.

About Classroom Keyboard

Classroom Keyboard: Play and Create Melodies with Chords is a music education textbook with concise, practical modular content that can be taught in several flexible formats. The introduction of 100 musical elements is supported by 300 activities for electronic keyboards or acoustical pianos.


Ten core melodies and 17 other authentic pieces are carefully sequenced in mostly fixed hand positions. The intervallic reading of melodic notation is stressed within the text, along with the inversion of primary chords in several keys. Melodic repetition with gradually more demanding accompaniments is included to help students with divergent abilities to play successfully. Educators and readers alike will also discover an unusual emphasis on introductory improvisation and composition. Students with prior musical experience will also be encouraged by the content of Classroom Keyboard: Play and Create Melodies with Chords as they explore aspects of musicianship that will enhance their future efforts.

The coursework within this text facilitates meeting the National Core Music Standards for grades 5 through 8, including the novice/intermediate harmonizing instruments strand established by the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). In addition, this coursework will help prepare students for the novice/intermediate ensemble strand, the proficient composition/theory strand, and the proficient technology strand. Classroom Keyboard: Play and Create Melodies with Chords can also be used as an introductory college course, for adult and senior activities classes, or serve as a source for self-instruction.

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